John established himself as a leader in residential real estate by obtaining his real estate license in both California and Arizona.  While in Arizona, he started his career with Coldwell Banker.  In his first year with Coldwell Banker, John earned honors as “Rookie of the Year” for all of Northern Phoenix.  He later joined RE eBroker of California in 2008.  In 2011, John ranked in the top 5% among over 15,000 RE eBroker agents in California.  He taped his first episode of House Hunters, which aired on HGTV in early 2012.  More recently, in 2014, John joined Fusion Real Estate Network and obtained his CA Real Estate Broker’s license in order to provide his clients with the best knowledge possible.

John’s experience in residential real estate is unlike other real estate agents.  For example, John bought and renovated his first property at the age of 23 in South Lake Tahoe and sold it for a nice profit at such a young age.  By the time John was 28 years old, he owned 14 properties in 3 states:  California, Nevada, and Arizona.  John managed all of his properties himself, giving him first-hand experience with tenants and property management.  John has owned luxury condominiums, single family residences and new construction.  He has executed various real estate techniques, such as assigning contracts at the Trump Towers in Las Vegas, wholesaling auction properties to other investors, hard money deals and rehabbing homes.  To date, John has bought and sold over 30 properties for himself and has over 200 transactions in total.

With a large variety of real estate transactions completed and first-hand experience with all types of transactions he has personally completed on his own, John has become an expert negotiator and the ideal real estate agent.  He can assist any home buyer, seller or investor.  No matter what the client’s needs are, John and his team can deliver the results that the client is looking for.  He is honest, sincere and genuinely interested in his client’s success.  John grew up on the San Francisco Peninsula so he has extensive knowledge of the area.   Having moved to and from Arizona, he also understands the impact of relocating from one area to another.